What is the Coach Licence Scheme?

Angling Cymru Coach Licence scheme - Coach Mark -is a scheme that coaches can affiliate to in order to gain the recognition of being an angling coach in Wales, obtain comprehensive insurance and other benefits such as our exclusive coach discount scheme with BVG Airflo/Fishtec.

Is there any other Angling Coach Licence scheme I can join?

No, only recognised National Governing Bodies of sport can offer a Coach Licence to practice.  Any others outside of the NGB's are just membership schemes which are unregulated and not recognised by Sportscoach UK, Government, Sport Wales, Education Authorities, Local Authorities and many more.

Angling Cymru is the recognised National Governing Body for Angling in Wales that provides and administers the Coach licence scheme for angling coaches in Wales.

How can I become licensed?

Download an application form here:

2015 Coach Licence application form available to download here